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There’s a time to buy, and a time to sell. There’s a time to purchase expensive high-efficiency appliances, and a time to target energy waste and subsequently earn thousands of dollars in recurring savings. With the ACT Home Energy Specialists in Fort Worth, TX, you’ll discover opportunities to save that you never knew existed!

It all begins with an invaluable home energy assessment by one of our seasoned professionals. Your personal expert will provide you with a list of cost-effective potential projects for you to consider. Contact us today at 817-781-8781 to learn more about our free visual assessments and other local services!

Your Local Specialists in Efficiency

Our services at ACT Home Energy Specialists revolve around creating an efficient and comfortable home environment. To that end, we target household problems that impact one of the most crucial elements in your daily energy usage: your heating and cooling system. Air conditioning and heating, on average, represent almost half of your annual energy costs. If we can eliminate waste surrounding the HVAC system, you could see hundreds in savings.

Attic Services

Taking Action in the Attic

While our team provides solutions for multiple areas of the house, the attic is ground zero for many sources of home energy waste. Tattered insulation, insufficient venting power, and leaky ductwork all contribute heavily towards your monthly electric bill.

Homeowners assume that extravagant energy costs are just a normal part of heavy air conditioning use. Much of this expense may be coming from wasted power in the attic however, which we can address. Call 817-781-8781 and talk with one of our experts from ACT Home Energy Specialists about developing an action plan!

House Wide Management

Whole House Air Sealing

Sometimes it pays to take a holistic approach to energy planning. The ACT Home Energy Specialists’ whole house air sealing service targets wasteful air leaks inside each part of your home. When our testing process finishes, our expert then shares their list of problem areas and recommends a cost-effective action plan for mending them.

Find Your Savings Today!

Why don’t you call our local experts at the ACT Home Energy Specialists and schedule a complimentary energy visual assessment? We’ll provide a professional visual inspection, and you can find out for yourself which areas of your home could benefit from expert care! Call us today at 817-781-8781 and find out why so many homeowners trust us with their energy efficiency plans.