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Crucial Heat Venting for Your Home

We all know how direct sunlight naturally warms both the environment and manmade materials. Sunlight also represents a significant challenge when it comes to cooling your home. During the day, it quickly heats up your attic until it’s a veritable cauldron.

Thankfully, proper ventilation allows your home to effectively eliminate the extra heat. Our team at ACT Home Energy Specialists offers repair and installation solutions for your attic ventilation in Fort Worth, TX. We’ve helped countless homeowners create a more balanced environment inside their house, and we’d love to serve you too! To learn more about our services, call our local office at 817-781-8781.

The Essential Nature of Ventilation

Heat naturally rises into whatever space it occupies. That means when sunlight begins to heat up your attic, the warm tends to sit at the top. Now your soffit – that’s the underside of the roof extending beyond the walls – contains helpful vents known as soffit vents. These provide a chance for some of the heat to escape. Another way that heat has a chance to escape is through eave vents, which do essentially the same thing as a soffit vent. Since heat gravitates upwards (not downwards) however, venting is a slow process without an escape path at the top of the roof. The attic will likely continue to swell with heat, and leak some through the ceiling into the rooms below. We can expertly install eave vents as well as soffit vents for reliable heat and attic ventilation. Additionally, our team can replace the eave and soffit vents if they have been clogged with dirt and dust.

Now, you can slow the accumulation of heat with a radiant barrier, which offers wonderful efficiency benefits. Heat will still slowly build up. For the safe removal of that warm air, proper ventilation is essential. That’s why you will see homes with additional vents protruding through the rooftops.

One of our favorite methods of ventilating an attic space is via a solar attic fan! A solar fan installation will provide incredible ventilation. These devices utilize small, inconspicuous solar panels on the rooftop instead of eating up your electricity. When your attic starts to swell with heat during the day, the solar fan for attic ventilation kicks in to vent it automatically. These fans also cut down on excess moisture in the attic, while simultaneously reducing the load on your AC unit! In fact, solar fans can ultimately replace old roof turbines which can reduce the temperature in your attic by 30 degrees. If you’d like to learn more about saving energy with a Fort Worth, TX solar attic fan installation, give our team a call at 817-781-8781.

Building an Effective Ventilation Plan

So how do we take your home’s attic and craft a practical, cost-effective ventilation plan? First, our seasoned energy-saving experts closely examine your home. We’ll take a look at your attic space, the total square footage of your house, the type of roofing material, and how effective your insulation is.

Once your personal expert has thoroughly assessed the space, they’ll sit down with you and start talking about your options. The goal is to create a system that’s conducive to the upward flow of heat. As your soffit vents allow cool air from the bottom of the roof, the attic warmth should exit through vents on the top. Thus a constant supply of cooler outside air replaces the hot air in your attic, preventing energy waste. Our team likes to use solar-powered ventilation systems, which often qualify you for federal tax incentives. All in all, an attic solar ventilation system including, solar roof vents, is an investment to consider.

A Solar Attic Fan Opens Up to Release Heat Stored Up From Sunlight

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