Duct Leak Testing

An HVAC Technician Tests a Duct Line for Leaks

Crucial Waste Prevention

As we’ve mentioned before, duct losses represent a large percentage of energy usage in forced air systems. The US Department of Energy claims that over 30 percent of energy consumed in space conditioning is the direct result of leaky ductwork. That could be hundreds, even thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your air conditioning system.

What if you could get that 30 percent back? Not only is that entirely possible, but our team at ACT Home Energy Specialists makes it easy. It all starts with Fort Worth, TX duct leak testing. Give our local staff a call today at 817-781-8781 to arrange your testing schedule.

The Danger of Leaky Ducts

As your blower fan circulates cooled (or warmed air) through a leaky duct line, a large percentage of the conditioned air escapes. This might be into another room, or even into a non-conditioned space like the attic. As a result, rooms take a longer time to meet the desired temperature. The heating and cooling system runs longer to compensate, consuming additional energy in the process.

These leaks only get worse the longer they exist, which is why timely duct sealing could save you hundreds of dollars. We offer duct integrity testing and more so you can be sure you have a properly operating system.

Testing for Leaks

Our duct inspection in Fort Worth, TX is very helpful! So how do we complete a duct inspection or duct tightness testing? First, our seasoned HVAC professional finds a suitable entry point to connect a special fan. When activated, this equipment powers air into the duct lines. Sensors gauge the amount of air escaping from the duct work and convert the data into usable information for our energy specialist.

If the air loss is isolated to small pockets in your duct lines, our sealing services can take care of the waste. However, multiple sections of significant duct line damage may make repairs impractical. If that’s the case, our team can provide an HVAC duct replacement.

Schedule Your Duct Leak Testing!

Want to test your ducts for potential leaks? They play such a crucial part in your daily comfort and your home’s energy efficiency. If your duct lines have started to break down however, timely repair is essential. Call 817-781-8781 and schedule your duct leak testing in Fort Worth, TX today!