HVAC Duct Replacement

New Ducts During HVAC Duct Replacement

Replacing Old, Leaky Ducts

Have you ever seen a garden hose with small holes in the side? While the hose still function, water steadily spews out of the side. The same holds true for leaky ducts. Your air conditioning system relies on an expansive series of ducts to transfer cool air around the home.

When long-term wear, tiny punctures, and other hazards damage your lines, air pours out as long as the system runs. The larger the leaks, the longer your system needs to run to condition your home. That means significant energy spikes. When you need HVAC duct replacement in Fort Worth, TX, contact our friendly team at 817-781-8781 and get an estimate!

Do You Need Duct Replacement?

Not every old, creaky duct system needs immediate replacement. Duct lines may last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. Beyond that range, degradation tends to accelerate quickly. You’ll likely start seeing a gradual climb in your energy bill. Your air conditioner will likely begin running for longer periods of time too, speeding up system wear.

There’s one easy way to decide whether or not your home requires new ductwork. Simply schedule a leak test. Our team at ACT Home Energy Specialists provides a convenient duct leak assessment to detect signs of air loss. Within the space of an afternoon, you’ll know whether or not replacement is the best choice for your home and family.

Replacement Options

Once our energy saving specialist has determined the extent of the damage, they’ll create a short list of cost-effective options for you, so that you can make an informed decision based on your budget. It may be that duct sealing fits best with your needs.

Should your damaged duct lines warrant replacement, you do have options. You can always choose the same (or a similar) product for the tubing. However, you might take the opportunity to install a more efficient series of duct lines. Many homeowners opt for a more efficient duct. It’s a flexible duct with a higher insulation value to keep your conditioned air stable, especially if your ducts are located in the attic. The extra cost is minimal, but makes a huge difference in efficiency.

Ask for Your Replacement Estimate!

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