HVAC Duct Sealing

Large, Bulky Air Ducts Sitting in the Basement

Closing Off the Door to Waste

As one of the most demanding sources of energy consumption inside your home, your heating and cooling system represents a big part of your monthly utility costs. Because central HVAC systems depend on a series of ducts to transfer air, air leaks represent a significant threat to efficient functionality. Unfortunately, leaks are all too common in aging air conditioning systems.

That’s where our Fort Worth, TX HVAC duct sealing comes in handy. With a careful inspection of your duct lines, our experts can identify areas of weakness and render lasting repairs. Want to learn more? Call our local experts at 817-781-8781 and ask about the sealing process!

Does My Home Need Duct Sealing?

Let’s talk about the symptoms of a distressed air duct system. How can you as a homeowner know when your ducts need a professional sealing? The first clue usually comes in the form an unusually high electric bill (and gas bill if you use a gas furnace). Next, you and your family will likely notice longer running times for your heating and cooling appliances. This happens when air leaks force your HVAC system to compensate.

The next time your air conditioning system activates, trying inspecting the duct lines yourself and see if you hear any hissing leaks. Should you suspect a leak, you can also schedule a professional assessment. Our experts have specialized equipment for uncovering waste.

Seal or Replace?

This is a serious question that involves several key factors, namely your budget, system health, and the age of your duct lines. In cases where damage is widespread and extensive, sealing the lines may only be delaying the inevitable duct replacement. We don’t want to patch over a larger problem if sealing isn’t truly cost-effective for you.

However, ducts with isolated pockets of damage (pinholes, for example) will likely benefit from the duct sealing process. This is especially true for duct lines with years left on their expected lifetime. If you still aren’t sure about what your system needs, why not consult with one of seasoned experts? Inquire about duct repair in Fort Worth, TX today!

To learn more about our Fort Worth, TX HVAC duct sealing and replacement services, contact our local team at 817-781-8781!