Whole House Air Sealing

An Energy Specialist Making Notes on Potential Home Improvements

Eliminating Waste, Earning Exciting Savings

While many homeowners look to expensive high-efficiency appliances and fixtures, the smartest begin their path to energy conservation by eliminating waste inside their home. There are countless areas for improvement that offer cost-effective opportunities to save. You just need to know how to find them.

At ACT Home Energy Specialists, we partner with local homeowners and developers to create exciting energy savings plans. Our services aren’t limited to isolated pockets of your property. Instead, we take a holistic to produce fantastic, long-term results. Call our local staff at 817-781-8781 today and ask about our whole house air sealing in Fort Worth, TX!

Creating a Plan for Success

Whole house air sealing requires thorough preparation and assessment. Often, we recommend beginning the process with a free visual assessment and a duct leak test to identify areas that need improvements the most. Most homeowners don’t realize how many portions of the house require tight sealing to prevent energy waste.

Room for Improvement

Target Areas for Sealing

The US Department of Energy provides an extensive list of key segments, but here are some of the highlights.

  • Attic / ceiling area
  • Vent shafts
  • Air ducts
  • Penetrating objects in exterior walls
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Porch roofing
  • Soffit

Many homeowners stop after caulking the windows and weatherstripping the exterior doors. There are a dozen other places where air can unintentionally seep in and out. That creates waste, as your air conditioning system works to equalize the temperature of your home.

Our Approach

Guiding You Towards Success

Tackling a long list of potential leaks can be a struggle, which is why our Fort Worth, TX whole house air sealing experts work to make the process simple for you. After we’ve completed initial examinations of your building envelope and interior spaces, we’ll create a working plan for improved energy savings. We like to target areas that provide the biggest bang for your buck first, such as the air ducts.

Schedule Your Whole House Sealing!

You don’t have to live with excessive energy waste. Our crew at ACT Home Energy Specialists make it easier than ever to create a winning strategy in your fight for improved efficiency and better savings! We support countless homeowners every year, and you can see in the reviews how excited they are with their results.

Give our seasoned team a call today at 817-781-8781 to learn more about whole house air sealing in Fort Worth, TX. We’d be happy to provide you with an energy assessment and sealing estimates. See why so many locals recommend us for all your energy-saving projects!