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Energy efficiency is a term that gets thrown about by appliance manufacturers. To them, efficiency is something you buy in a store. At ACT Home Energy Specialists, we understand the true meaning of the term: a pursuit of heightened productivity and comfort inside your home. That pursuit requires causes us to stop every once in a while, take a look at our entire property, and ask “Where could we do better?”

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Attic Insulation & Ventilation Services

Attic insulation provides one of the most crucial defenses against home energy waste. Solar heat pent up in the attic likes to seep into the rooms below and ruin your refreshing, cozy air. When your air conditioner steps in to compensate, it expends extra effort and energy to restore your desired temperature. As a result, your family ends up with recurring waste that quickly impacts your electric bill.

Did you know that industry experts say that improved attic insulation offers a return on investment of over 100 percent? That means you’re actually making money in additional savings worth more than the cost installation. Not many home improvement projects can offer that impressive return!

Support your new and improved insulation with a capable ventilation system. By releasing stored up heat safely outside the attic, vents actively protect your home from excessive warming during the hot daylight hours. You may notice the shorter runtimes for your AC unit, but you’ll definitely appreciate the improved energy efficiency!

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