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Home Energy Specialists Examine a Damp Attic

Making a Lasting Difference

Even the most experienced homeowners sometimes struggle with energy efficiency. Conservative habits and swapped light bulbs can only go so far, and purchasing all new appliances can get expensive. What’s left for you to do to save on energy costs?

Our Arlington home energy specialists suggest starting with the basics: taking your home (as it is now) and cutting down on waste. Believe it or not, many homeowners save hundreds, even thousands of dollars by doing this. To help you get started, our experts provide a free visual assessment inspection or a comprehensive inspection where we use multiple pieces of equipment to pinpoint weak areas of your home. Want to schedule your assessment? Call our friendly staff at 817-781-8781 today!

Your Professional Energy Assessment

Have you ever had a service professional charge into an inspection, come out 10 minutes later, recommend an expensive repair, and speed along to their next project? You probably didn’t feel very confident about their input.

The ACT Home Energy Specialists in Arlington, TX want you to realize that your home’s future matters. That’s why we take our job seriously during each visual energy assessment. By the time your personal expert leaves, you will have a practical game plan for improving your home’s energy efficiency.

Local Arlington Services

Many of our services revolve around supporting your personal heating and cooling systems. That’s why we provide several services to help cool your attic, where excess heat so often corrupts conditioned air inside your duct work. That heat may also spill into the rooms below, without proper insulation.

Below, you’ll find a list of our most popular and impactful services. Feel welcome to contact our local staff at 817-781-8781 should you have any additional questions!

  • Roll-on Foil Barrier With a simple installation process and lasting results for your attic’s heat protection, you’ll love your radiant barrier!
  • What is a Radiant Barrier? Talk with one of our local experts about the facts behind radiant barrier technology. Call us anytime with your questions!
  • Benefits of Radiant Barriers On top of a consistent reduction in temperature for your attic, you’ll enjoy some other exciting benefits from heat barriers.
  • Radiant Barrier Installation Make sure that your attic’s radiant barrier installation is performed by professionals, who understand the specifications.
  • Home Performance Testing Concerned about potential inefficiencies within your home’s building envelope? Schedule a professional assessment!
  • Attic Insulation Installs Whether you’re looking to add to your current supply or install brand new insulation, you’ll love our quality materials!
  • Attic Insulation Removal Moldy and spotty insulation can drive service costs through the roof if you don’t remove it in a timely manner! Call today.
  • Whole House Air Sealing Tired of cracks and crooked angles allowing your cool air to escape? Talk with an expert about whole house air sealing.
  • Attic Ventilation Proper ventilation permits a fresh supply of cool air into the attic, while simultaneously expelling excess heat.
  • Duct Leak Testing Duct leaks cause more energy waste than you may realize. Test your ductwork for potential holes and cracks!
  • HVAC Duct Replacement Sometimes the most cost-effective course of action is to replace your entire duct system. You’ll love the resulting savings!
  • HVAC Duct Sealing Want to repair your aging duct lines? Schedule duct sealing service with our local team at ACT!

Schedule Your Home Energy Assessment!

Our experienced professionals work hard to connect local homeowners with cost-effective, energy-saving home improvement projects. While you can see what other happy homeowners have to say in our reviews, we’d love to talk with you in person! You can arrange your one-on-one professional consultation at 817-781-8781.

Just talk with our friendly staff about scheduling a free visual assessment for your home. You’ll quickly see why so many locals trust our Arlington, TX home energy specialists!