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Looking for energy savings that last? You could swap out all your appliances for the latest high-efficiency models, but that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Some might suggest adopting some conservative usage habits, but that only goes so far. You definitely won’t find lasting savings by switching energy providers every year!

All of these options provide some savings, but our ACT Home Energy Specialists in Euless, TX want to help you discover long-term opportunities. That’s why we help you target the key areas of energy waste around your home. You could save hundreds, even thousands of dollars over the years (without buying expensive appliances). Want to learn more? Call our friendly staff at 817-781-8781 today!

Kick Off Your Energy Savings!

Let’s ask another crucial question. What is the best way for homeowners to start their quest for energy efficiency? By learning which parts of the house are producing the most waste. Our ACT Home Energy Specialists make it easy by providing free visual assessments. Through an in-depth visual inspection of the attic, living spaces, and exterior building envelope, our experts identify key areas for cost-effective improvement.

For instance, if your home’s air conditioning system is consuming extra electricity every day to keep your living space cool, your personal energy expert may recommend installing additional attic insulation. This prevents the solar heat swelling up inside your attic from escaping into the rooms below. Alternatively, you might install a radiant barrier to lower the maximum temperature of the attic. Finding your ideal solution(s) however, begins with a thorough analysis of your home.

Services in Your Area

You’ll find a whole list of our services below! Many of them revolve around protecting your interior home environment from leaks and interfering heat. That’s good news to your heating and cooling appliances, which consume almost half of your home’s energy each year (according to the US Department of Energy). For more details about any of our services, call 817-781-8781 and chat with the ACT Home Energy Specialists in Euless, TX. Be sure to contact us for service in Bedford and Hurst too!

  • Roll-on Foil Barrier Roll-on barriers make it easy to protect the inside of your attic from radiant heat. Enjoy the significant energy savings.
  • What is a Radiant Barrier? Do you ever wonder how radiant barriers work and why so many homeowners love them? Find out!
  • Benefits of Radiant Barriers Discover the alluring energy savings and heat reduction that our radiant barriers have to offer!
  • Radiant Barrier Installation Why sit in the scorching heat inside your attic installing them by yourself? Ask our experts to install your radiant barrier foils!
  • Home Performance Testing Is your home performing as well as it should in terms of energy efficiency? Our tests can help you find out.
  • Attic Insulation Installs Our installation team ensures that your attic floor is completely covered for optimum heat protection.
  • Attic Insulation Removal Smelly, damp insulation could be a sign of something much worse than water damage. Prompt removal could save you from mold growth.
  • Whole House Air Sealing Chat with one of our skilled professionals if you’ve been dealing with constant air leaks. You’ll love the savings we can provide!
  • Attic Ventilation Worried that your attic may have insufficient ventilation to eliminate the summer heat? Talk with our local experts.
  • Duct Leak Testing Our skilled professionals adopt special equipment to identify bothersome leaks in your HVAC duct lines.
  • HVAC Duct Replacement Sometimes, it’s just cheaper to replace your aging duct lines. To learn about pricing and get your replacement estimate, call ACT!
  • HVAC Duct Sealing Holes and cracks inside your duct lines need to be seeled quickly to avoid expensive air leaks. Schedule service today!