Damaged Ducts Lead to Energy Loss.

Energy Savings Specialists

When it comes to saving money around the home, one of the best ways to do so is through cutting energy consumption. This could be done in a variety of ways, some of which, like replacing all of your appliances, are simply not cost-effective or budget friendly. Our goal at ACT Home Energy Specialists is to help you find ways to save on energy bills in practical, effective ways. You can get your start on energy savings in Haltom City, TX, with home energy testing. To set up an appointment for our services, give us a call at 817-781-8781.

Service Offerings in Haltom City, TX

ACT Home Energy Specialists offers a wide range of services to get you on the path to energy savings in Haltom City, TX. With our home energy testing, you can find out where energy is being wasted, and discover practical solutions that will save you money. 

What we often discover in our assessments is that your heating and air system is often causing a big drain on energy, especially with duct leaks. We also discover problems with attic ventilation and insulation, as well as air infiltration and heat loss throughout the home, especially around windows and doors. 

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To find out more about energy savings in Haltom City, TX, give the experts at ACT Home Energy Specialists a call at 817-781-8781.