A Technician Installs Insulation in an Attic.

Professional Home Energy Testing

Do you know how your home wastes energy? Do you need to replace all of your appliances to save money on energy bills? At ACT Home Energy Specialists, we help our customers find ways to save money and fight home energy loss without major expenses through home energy testing in Watauga, TX. If you are interested in home energy savings, give us a call at 817-781-8781.

Services Offered in Watauga, TX

When it comes to energy savings, ACT Home Energy Specialists has discovered the most significant area where energy loss occurs is in the heating and cooling system. To find out if this is true for you, home energy testing in Watauga, TX, is recommended. These tests can tell you if your energy loss is coming from your HVAC or some other area of your home like the attic.

Your attic often proves to be a source of energy loss because of a combination of poor insulation and leaky duct work. Other areas where energy loss may occur are spaces like windows and doors. Wherever we discover energy loss, we list where the problems are and give you a plan that provides recommended fixes.

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If you are interested in saving money on energy loss, then home energy testing in Watauga, TX, is the first course of action for you. Let the experts at ACT Home Energy Specialists get you started on the path of energy savings by calling 817-781-8781.