Attic Insulation Removal

Energy Specialists During Attic Insulation Removal

Trading the Old for New

Insulation plays a key role in the energy efficiency of your home. Without it, your home would suffer from lost air conditioning and excess energy usage. Insulation may last for years, but eventually you’ll need a replacement.

When that day comes, you could spend the next few scorching days inside the attic trying to clean it out. Or you can let our trained professionals remove your aging insulation for you, saving you valuable time and effort. After your Fort Worth, TX attic insulation removal, we’ll find a replacement that suits your needs. Call us today at 817-781-8781 arrange your estimate!

Why Healthy Insulation Matters

Home attics rely on a series of vents for a steady supply of cool air and the removal of excess heat. However, your attic also needs to preserve the cool air and heat produced by the air conditioning system below, while simultaneously stopping attic heat from ruining that perfect temperature. Let’s put it this way: your AC unit works hard to cool your home, and the attic insulation makes sure that effort doesn’t go to waste.

Worn insulation can not fulfill that job successfully. It lets that wonderfully refreshing air conditioning slip out into the attic and out of the house, wasting electricity. If your energy bills have started to climb in recent months, it might be time to assess your insulation again. Call our local team at 817-781-8781 and see if it’s time for attic insulation removal in Fort Worth, TX.

When to Replace Your Insulation

There are a few signs that will let you know when it’s time for new insulation. Look for these conditions in your attic…

  • Damp or moldy insulation from water damage
  • Rodent infestation with urine and feces
  • Old, dusty insulation causing dust issues in your home
  • Aging, compressed insulation that is losing effectiveness

First, your insulation should have a solid blanket of coverage across the attic. Gaps or low levels mean that your attic is getting filled with cooled air from beneath the ceiling. Moist attic air may also be spilling into the conditioned area below. Homeowners should aim for a foot to 16 inches of insulation, but no less than 10 inches. Replacing bad insulation can create a marked improvement in your air quality too.

Pests and mold growth are serious threats against your insulation. For one, they create a horrid stench that’s enough to turn anyone’s nose. Also, mold spores tend to travel to other parts of the house. At that point, restoration work becomes much more expensive. Be sure to dry out your insulation as quickly as possible in the event of a leak!

To learn more about our Fort Worth, TX attic insulation removal services, contact our friendly staff at 817-781-8781!