Home Performance Testing in Fort Worth, TX

A Woman is Shocked by Her Energy Bill

Gauging Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Utilities represent a significant portion of your monthly costs, especially when it comes to heating and cooling. According to the US Department of Energy, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning represents almost half of homeowner energy consumption (on average). There are many areas of your home that require electricity and gas, but improvements to your HVAC system will provide the greatest impact in terms of savings.

How energy efficient is your home? Even if you’ve developed progressive habits for conserving energy, odds are there are still plenty of opportunities to save. The easiest way to know for sure? Contact the ACT Home Energy Specialists team at 817-781-8781 and schedule your Fort Worth, TX home performance testing!

Why Arrange Testing?

Our seasoned energy-saving professionals work with homeowners around the community. Over the many years that we’ve supported locals, we’ve cultivated our equipment and skills to accurately track the usage of electricity and gas in your HVAC system. We don’t haphazardly browse around the home and list of a handful of maybe-solutions. We examine your utility bill and partner with you. Together, we can decide the most cost-effective way for you to start saving energy.

Visual Inspection

A Personal Assessment

Again, our team strives to build a tailored plan for your energy conservation. That doesn’t happen by just examining your monthly bills. Your personal inspector closely examines your home interior, exterior, and attic to identify potential weaknesses in the building envelope. Think of the envelope as a boundary between the inside and outside of your home.

This careful inspection allows our professional to build working knowledge of your home. From there, we can move along to our sophisticated testing processes.

Testing Processes

Test, Review, Then Test Again

It pays to be thorough when it comes to home performance testing. We begin our assessment by examining the effectiveness of your building envelope, especially the hidden areas you would not normally think are air entry points. Areas such as recessed can lights, exhaust fans, plumbing penetrations, fireplaces, etc... are weak points that our equipment can detect.

Next comes a duct blasting test. This simplified test determines the health of your duct lines, which are responsible for transporting conditioned air around the home. Leaky ducts are among the most infamous causes of energy waste inside homes in the US. The Department of Energy states that “Duct losses can account for more than 30% of energy consumption for space conditioning…”

No wonder so many homeowners are scrambling for improved insulation and professional duct sealing!

A Meter Measuring the Use of Electricity During Home Performance Testing

Let Your Savings Start Today!

Completely removing all energy costs may be impractical, but our home performance testing in Fort Worth, TX provides you with invaluable insights towards reducing costs. With our seasoned, courteous professionals assisting you, your family can easily build a working plan. All it takes is one phone call to get started!

Contact our courteous staff at ACT Home Energy Specialists and talk about arranging an energy efficiency test that fits with your busy schedule. We believe you’ll quickly see why many homeowners entrust us with all their energy conservation projects! Call 817-781-8781 today.