Radiant Barrier Services in Fort Worth, TX

Protecting Your Attic From Excess Heat

Many homeowners know that heating and cooling appliances consume a large percentage of their daily energy supply. According to the Department of Energy, approximately 48% of our average energy consumption occurs in our HVAC system. Unfortunately, many of our homes aren’t properly equipped to support efficient heating and cooling, especially in the attic.

That’s where radiant barriers come in handy. These wonderful solutions prevent much of the natural heat accumulation in the attic that causes so much energy waste each year. At ACT Home Energy Specialists, our team offers professional Fort Worth, TX radiant barrier installation to support your energy saving goals. To learn more, call us at 817-781-8781!

Outstanding Comfort & Efficiency

Maintaining a stable, cozy environment within your home takes a great deal of effort from your heating and cooling system. When the attic swells with heat from hours of sunlight however, it sends that heat downward into the house and ruins that balanced temperature. As a result, your AC unit has to run longer to restore cooling, consuming additional energy.

Below, we’ll explain how radiant barriers work to preserve your family comfort and conserve electricity. You’ll find information about the installation process and how to get the most out of your home’s barrier system. For further details, feel free to chat with one of our Fort Worth, TX radiant barrier experts at 817-781-8781.

The Science

How Radiant Barriers Work + Benefits

Heat shows a natural tendency to travel towards cooler areas. When sunlight warms the surface of your rooftop, the heat gravitates inward toward the attic in a process called conduction. Whatever heat gets past your roof insulation eventually reaches the interior, where it radiates out from the underside of the roof.

Eventually, the whole attic swells up and requires an outlet for the excess warmth. Bedrooms, common area, and other rooms suffer as a result. Radiant barriers (typically made of reflective aluminum) halt this process however, by reflecting the radiant heat of the roof underside back towards the rooftop. As a result, your attic cools down by as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Installation Process

Professional Installation in Your Attic

One of the best parts about radiant barriers is that they can be installed at practically any time. Many homeowners like to install them during initial construction and immediately reap the benefits. Others choose them as one of their many home improvement projects, an exciting opportunity given how quickly they pay themselves off.

The most popular barriers come in the form of rolled-on foil, which can easily be installed between the attic rafters. To effectively block the heat radiating from the roof, the aluminum foil needs to be situated at least one inch away, which creates a crucial pocket of air. Our professionals simply staple the material to the surrounding rafters.


Ensuring Maximum Effectiveness

Our professional installation ensures that your barrier is situated for maximum heat reflection and minimum condensation. However, there are some additional tools that ensure proper conditions within the attic area. These include rooftop vents and blown in insulation.

Our insulation services reduce the amount of heat conducted through the attic. In addition to attic insulation, our attic floor air sealing service will increase your homes indoor air quality and reduce dust in the house. The attic floor is foam sealed where all of the electric wiring, plumbing, and top plate penetrations are open to your home down below. The attic is the number one area to focus on when you want to increase indoor air quality, comfort, and energy savings. Not only will you save on utility bills, you will extend the life of your HVAC system because it will not be working as hard during those summer months. Finally, it preserves the balance of temperature between the attic and the rooms below.

Ventilation solutions, in turn, take any excess warmth trapped in the attic and sends it safely outside. Most roofs possess vents in the soffit, the underside of the roof extended beyond the exterior wall. These vents allow an influx of cool air, but the hot air inside the attic needs an upward path of escape. With both vents in the soffit and rooftop, the attic should have a stable flow of cool and warm air.

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Effective ventilation and insulation are critical elements to your home’s fight against excess heat. A radiant barrier installation however, dramatically reduces the amount of heat entering the attic and reduces the strain on your air conditioning system. These solutions also provide fantastic internal heat retention during the cold winter months.

If you enjoy lucrative energy savings, talk with one of our courteous professionals about installing a radiant barrier in Fort Worth, TX. They will be happy to answer questions on estimates, expected cost reduction, and other key concerns. All you have to do to get started is call us at 817-781-8781!