How does a Radiant Barrier work?

Installing radiant barrier

Stopping the Transfer of Heat

As a homeowner, you may have already heard about radiant barriers installed inside the attic. On top of creating a cooler environment in your attic, these systems provide thousands of American families with alluring energy savings each year. If you’re wondering how they work, we’d love to show you.

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A Little Explanation

Heat travels through three different methods: radiation, conduction, and convection. Your attic swells with heat every day as sunlight radiation beats down on the house and heats up the rooftop. Through conduction, heat travels from the hot surface of the rooftop all the way down to the underside in the attic. Finally via convection, the warm air produced in the attic rises to the top of the attic and escapes (assuming there is adequate ventilation).

How Radiant Barriers Help

How does a radiant barrier work? When the attic fills with heat during the day, some of that heat escapes downward through the ceiling and into your home. As a result, your thermostat detects the change in temperature and activates your air conditioning system. Being one of the most energy-hungry appliances in your home, additional AC usage adds quite a bit of money to your monthly electric bill.

Radiant barriers diminish much of this extra buildup. Installed on the slanted underside of your roof, this barrier blocks the transfer of heat and prevents it from radiating into the attic below. Assuming proper insulation, the attic stays fairly cool during the day. Energy costs from your air conditioning activity also take a dip. According to the US Department of Energy, homeowners in hot, sunny climates may witness a reduction in cooling costs of up to 10%. That’s enough to warrant a downgrade to a smaller AC unit!

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