Roll-on Foil Barrier

New radiant barrier installation

Growing Heat Concerns in the Attic

Your rooftop does a lot to protect your home from weather hazards such as hail, severe wind, and rain. But one threat often passes right through the roof surface and into the attic. That threat is solar heat, and it greatly affects your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

Thankfully, our Fort Worth, TX roll-on foil barrier solutions can help! By reflecting the vast majority of the radiant heat emitted by the underside of the roof, these reflective systems drastically reduce the resting temperature in your attic. To learn more about how these systems benefit your home, call our knowledgeable team at 817-781-8781!

Simple Roll-on Materials

While there are alternative forms available on the market, many homeowners prefer to stick with the basic roll-on foil barrier. These sheets can be easily transported and installed in the attic, during or after home construction. Situated between the rafters (with an air pocket to prevent conduction), the aluminum foil easily reflects up to 97% of heat radiated by the roof.

The product can be installed over the attic floor, but this may create an issue with condensation on extremely hot days. Our professionals ensure that your radiant barrier is spaced correctly for maximum coverage. When paired with additional attic insulation (to prevent air loss), the energy efficiency benefits soar even higher!

See Which Solution Fits Your Home!

Has your home been struggling with a surging electric and gas bill? It might be time to target that excess heat in the attic. Our team would be thrilled to assist you with a roll-on foil barrier in Fort Worth, TX. These durable, reflective solutions make it easy to reduce the strain on the heating and cooling system, one of the most demanding sources of energy use inside your home. Our team utilizes barrier products from the some of the most trusted manufacturers in the country.

To learn more about radiant barriers and other attic solutions, contact our friendly staff at 817-781-8781! Be sure to ask about our attic ventilation and insulation services, which naturally complement barrier technology for enhanced energy savings. At ACT Home Energy Specialists, we’ve served countless homeowners in the DFW area. We can’t wait to serve you too!