What is a Radiant Barrier?

Installed radiant barrier

The Reflective Heat Shield

Your attic represents a key battleground in your home’s journey towards energy efficiency. Some homeowners skip over this portion on their own, simply because they think it has little impact on their monthly expenses. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

What is a reflective barrier? It’s a invaluable tool to protect your home from a natural, but dangerous buildup of heat. To learn more about your attic and radiant barrier technology in Fort Worth, TX, contact our friendly experts at 817-781-8781!

What is a Radiant Barrier?

Some materials naturally absorb and conduct heat. This attic-situated foil product is designed to reflect radiant heat instead, bouncing it back towards the rooftop. Think of it as a shield that defends your attic from excess solar heat. The most popular versions of radiant barriers are rolled into place between the rafters, typically with a small air pocket between the foil and the underside of the roof.

Why Your Attic Needs Protection

During daylight hours, sunlight rapidly heats the surface of your roof. Because heat naturally gravitates towards cooler areas, it makes its way downward into the attic. While proper ventilation safely redirects much of this warmth back outside, the average temperature of the attic may still lead to extra energy costs each month.

Radiant barriers however, reduce the amount of heat entering the attic. At the same time, it prevents warm air generated by your home’s heating system from escaping. With a stable environment inside your home and the barriers repelling heat from outside, your electricity costs will naturally start to descend.

Get Your Radiant Barrier Estimate!

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Radiant barriers work best in partnership with thorough attic insulation and effective ventilation. Your attic, of course, is just one of many areas in your home that offers opportunities to conserve energy. Identify areas of waste and chances for improved efficiency by scheduling a free visual assessment!