I found ACT Energy with a Google search. I called to schedule an estimate to have our attic cleaned and the insulation replaced. From start to finish, I was so impressed with the professionalism, communication, efficiency, and in the end the quality of the work. I highly recommend ACT Energy.
The snowpacalypse in February 2021 highlighted how poorly weather sealed our home was. After some searching online I found ACT and called. Ricky got me on his schedule for an energy audit where he located areas all around the house that needed improvement. He came out a couple weeks later to do the work. The climate inside has improved immensely. There are no more drafts or uncomfortable spots anymore. We haven't had to run the HVAC yet due to the mild weather but I know when we do the newly installed insulation and newly sealed doors and windows will help the systems work more efficiently. I haven't even seen any bugs inside lately which indicates how weather tight the house is. This is a must do if you have an older house with uncomfortable rooms (really hot or cold in extreme weather) and high electric bills.
Thank you ACT for your hard work and professionalism! I had 4 contractors provide me with bids and ACT was the only company to take the time to point out other problems beyond my bid request. ACT let me know that I must first address and take care of the rodent problem in my attic. ACT also offered to assist with the rodent problem and repair missing screens in my attic. This is why I chose to go with ACT. They went above and beyond in fixing my attic ducts and insulation installation repairs. They are knowledgeable, professional, friendly and fair. They are also very good at communicating dates for repairs and installations and answered all of my questions regarding the repairs. I highly recommend ACT. ?
ACT Home Energy Specialists did a great job removing and replacing our attic installation and adding radiant barrier. It was important to me that the individual who drafted the contracted agreement be on site. Ricky Crouch, the owner (who is both genuine and professional) was on site from beginning to the end of the installation and worked hard if not harder than his staff. It is without reservation that I would highly recommend ACT Home Energy Specialists to provide attic installation services.
I am so glad that we went the route of working with Ricky and ACT rather than doing home improvements that we assumed were needed. We saved so much money in...
I highly recommend ACT Home Energy Specialists and Ricky Crouch! My 1950's home, with fairly new windows, literally had breezes in it. But I didn't know where the issues were. Ricky starts by opening your front door and sealing it with a tarp that has a large fan built in it. Once he turns on the fan (reverse setting) it creates suction and you start walking around the house feeling for air coming in. There was air EVERYWHERE. He also does the same type of suction test on your ductwork to see if there are leaks and he checks your attic insulation. He'll walk around the exterior of your home too and look at the condition of your condenser. You'll received a detailed report from him with all of his findings and recommendations. He's thorough, on time, friendly and respectful of your home. You can do the repairs yourself or Ricky will take care of them. Call Ricky to find out why you need to wear gloves during the winter inside your own home. Time to start caulking. Thanks, Ricky!
Professional in every aspect even when covered with insulation (who know what else) and exhausted. Continued to give advise for furthering the insulation efficiency either DIY or from him.
We recently bought a historic home and suffered from heat in August and cold in November, even with a new HVAC system. Ricky from ACT came to our home and...
I called ACT Home Energy Specialists because my electric bills have gotten to high over the last few years. So that came out and ran a bunch of tests and showed me the results and explained why my house didn't do that great. They then put together a plan to get the problems fixed. They did a amazing job at a very fair price!! I've already referred ACT to some of my family!! I can't say enough about them! Thanks for the help! ?
I had seen ACT Home Energy Specialists recommended on Nextdoor several months ago but decided to wait until the weather cooled off a bit. I contacted the owner, Ricky Crouch, last Thursday about obtaining an estimate to add attic insulation in our home. He came by the very next day & gave us an estimate, which to our pleasant surprise, was lower than we were expecting - an extremely competitive estimate! As it turned out, he had an opening the following Monday, so our insulation was installed this morning. Ricky is a pleasure to deal with, friendly yet professional, & his price was great! Plus, they work very efficiently, so the job was completed in a very timely fashion. Ricky was here when he said he would be here for both the estimate & the actual work. In our experience, that seems to be a rarity these days. He also provides a lifetime warranty. If you're needing to add insulation for winter, I highly recommend his services!
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