Home Energy Audit in Fort Worth, TX

One Project at a Time!

At ACT Home Energy Specialists, our team helps you conserve energy and eliminate undesirable waste, one project at a time. With years of experience supporting members of the DFW community, we know all the most cost-effective ways to speed you towards higher energy savings! Of course, that all starts by sitting down and evaluating your personal goals and budget.

Why don’t you call us today and schedule a home energy audit in Fort Worth, TX? We’ll evaluate your property and identify potential areas for improvement. Call us at 817-781-8781 and you’ll quickly see why so many homeowners come to us when they want to save!

What We Do

  • Attic Insulation Installation

    The dividing line between your comfortable living room and that sometimes blistering hot attic is a thick layer of insulation. With a blown fiberglass solution, our energy experts cover any gaps in insulation coverage and protect your cozy home environment!

  • Blower Door Testing

    When you reach out to us at 817-781-8781, please be certain to ask about blower door testing. We can help determine how airtight your home is, and help you maximize your household’s energy efficiency.

  • Attic Ventilation Services

    Hot air sometimes becomes trapped inside the attic, leaking heat into the living areas below. With sufficient attic ventilation however, that heat can escape up and out of your home!

  • HVAC Duct Leak Testing

    How do you know whether or your ducts have developed a leak (or multiple leaks)? Talk with one of our experts at ACT Home Energy Specialists about arranging duct leak testing for your HVAC system. We can also provide as part of your Fort Worth, TX home energy audit!

  • HVAC Duct Replacement

    Sometimes the easiest, most cost-effective choice is replacement. Our skilled professionals offer convenient services to remove your leaky ducts and find a more efficient solution. Call 817-781-8781 and ask about your options!

  • HVAC Duct Sealing

    Leaky ducts are one of the top sources of energy waste in American homes. Defend your air conditioning and heating system from accelerated part wear, and protect yourself from high electric bills by scheduling your professional duct sealing.

Home Performance Testing

Targeting Energy Waste and Saving Money

The best home improvement projects are the ones that pay themselves off! That’s an exciting reality when it comes to energy waste reduction. Home performance testing offers an easy way to identify air leaks and excessive heat accumulation inside your home. Considering your heating and cooling expenses account for almost half of your average daily energy consumption (according to the US Dept. of Energy), your long-term savings could range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Why not schedule a home energy audit in Fort Worth, TX and see where you could save? Call 817-781-8781!

Radiant Barrier Installation

Maintaining a Cool Attic Temperature

Searching for a long-term source of energy savings? Radiant heat barriers offer a lucrative means of protecting your home from excessive electricity consumption. By repelling up to 97 percent of solar heat emitted into the attic, your system may even allow you to downgrade to a smaller air conditioning system!

Checking a Window Frame for Air Coming Through During Home Energy Audit

Whole House Air Sealing

Targeting Savings Projects

For the most comprehensive energy conservation plans, we take a holistic approach towards your home’s efficiency. That means identifying potential air leaks all throughout your property, then providing you with a practical plan of action for addressing them. We’ll help you target the areas that offer the greatest impact towards energy conservation.